God as Daddy…really?

The throne room

This is my first blog post. I decided to call it “I was just thinkin” cause that’s the truth.

Usually, I’m sitting around listening to some news or television program and I hear something that gets a rise out of me; usually it’s some Christian living expert or a politician that’s talking loud and saying absolutely nothing, most of the time it’s about God. But always, always, always, it’s a lie or deceptive word from the evil one designed to keep us from what God has already provided for our peace or deliverance or even faith.

This morning, I heard a preacher praying. In his prayer he referred to God as “daddy… that so gets under my skin. You see, the word “daddy “is an informal term for a father; the dictionary says that it is probably derived from “baby talk.” How can we look at a God who is the “Great I AM, Creator of all things, and King of Kings in such an informal way?

We even give our earthly kings and queens more respect than that.

Now before you go arguing, Leslie even Jesus prayed, “Abba,” …though it is doubtful that Jesus used any form of translated baby babble, we can have the Greek/Hebrew/Aramaic debate at another time.

My point right now is that when we approach the Throne of Grace; where even angels cover their faces because of God’s holiness, where the room is filled with the anointed smoke of His glory and twenty-four elders clothed with white robes and crowns of gold are sitting on thrones around the throne of God; where there are seven lamps of fire and a sea of glass like crystal is before the throne itself, and four seraphim and twenty-four elders offer unceasing praises of Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty…. how can we enter into this place and say….. Daddy?

I don’t know… I was just thinkin.